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Young Scientist Award

In order to be eligible for the Young Scientist Award (YSA) your entry should be nominated by yourself. The application for the YSA will be available close to the final paper submission date.

This year, along with the ICLP scientific committee award, 2 to 4 Young Scientist Awards with appealing monetary gifts will be awarded. The winners are selected by a committee appointed by the ICLP scientific committee independent from the local organizing committee. The selection will be done solely based on the independent decision of the appointed committee.


To be eligible for the Young Scientist Award, a person must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Not be older than 35 years old or be a Ph.D. student.
  • Attend the ICLP virtual conference and deliver the presentation on the submission.
  • Be the main contributor to the submitted paper.
  • Not be a past recipient of the YS Award.

Young Scientist Award – Nominations are open until August 15, 2021