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The University of Colombo

The University of Colombo situated in the heart of the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, proudly celebrating her 150 years legacy of contribution to the humankind in reshaping the landscape of progression in multiple spheres as physics, medicine, economics, arts and many more. For the last so many years, the University of Colombo has been the highest-ranking university in Sri Lanka since its humble beginnings in 1870, first established as the Ceylon Medical College the University. Later in the year 1921, Ceylon Medical College uplifted to the level of fully-fledged university comprising 09 faculties and 07 Institutes. Today, UOC is home for more than 10,000 students and grown beyond the horizon to claim the unique designation called the pinnacle of the country’s research and development arm.

College House - University of Colombo

The Icon of The University of Colombo

The University of Colombo being the first university to win a first US-based patent has been one such key milestone and hundreds of world-renowned scientist and scholars currently employed in most famous ventures like Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA, MIT, John Hopkins etc., have their main root in University of Colombo .

The University excels with close government partnerships and R&D support of NSF, NRC and other international partners such as Uppsala Sweden. UOC honoured by ICLP scientific committee giving the privilege to host 35th ICLP in Sri Lanka and will continue to expand her dimensions to ignite the learning spirit of the next generation to redefine the future.