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Guidelines for PREPARING Your Presentation, Submission and Presenting

IMPORTANT: Please pay special attention to the instructions below to ensure the proper execution of this virtual conference. If you have any questions or difficulties following the guidelines, please contact the ICLP-SIPDA 2021 local organizing committee via 

  1. How will the conference work?
  2. Preparing your presentation
  3. Uploading your pre-recorded presentation


ICLP-SIPDA 2021, will be delivered over a professional platform, Zoom, and will be managed by a highly competent and very experienced technical team. The conference operates with high speed internet connections, backups and with a rich operating platform.

In order for your paper to be published, you are required to present either in a live presentation or submitting narrated and prerecorded content. Those who wish to present live should submit the PowerPoint presentation to minimize the risk of any technical complications. However, a prerecorded presentation is always recommended as it will avoid any communication difficulties that might interrupt the flow of the conference.

Keynote Speaks and invited lectures are also pre-recorded as much as possible to improve the quality of the delivery, to avoid going any over time and any technical issues. All speakers should be virtually present for their entire session to answer questions and participate in the discussion.

The virtual conference will be similar to any in-person conference. Presentations are assembled in three sessions according to topics and they are assigned virtual rooms. A chairperson coordinates each session. All registered attendees can attend all technical sessions and switch from session to session at will.

Total presentation time is 20 minutes including 5 minutes of questions and discussion session after the presentations. Participants will be able to use the chatbox to ask questions during and right after the presentations. The session’s chairperson will then select a few questions, depending on the time allocated for the discussion, and will read them to the presenter, who will be able to answer verbally during the session. The presenter will also be able to answer, after her/his session, any remaining questions through the chatbox.


Presentation format

  • Keynote Speaker: The time allocated to each keynote speaker is 45 minutes.
  • Contributed Talk (oral presentations): The time allocated to each contributed talk is 20 minutes (15 minutes pre-recorded presentation followed by 5 minutes for Q and A).

Pre-recorded presentation

For a pre-recorded presentation, you will have to record yourself narrating a digital version of your presentation. You are free to choose the style of presentation you want, you can decide to record only your slides, yourself, or both. It is suggested to use creative methods, e.g. subtitles, animations and video, to enhance your presentation further.

You can use the software or application of your choice to prerecord your presentation. Different tools are available to assist you and enhance your presentation, please find some suggestions below:

You can use the MS PowerPoint presentation template provided with guidelines

Download Here

If you wish to allow attendees to contact you after the conference, make sure to include your name and email address on the last slide of your presentation.

The question period will take place in Livestream following your presentation. The technical staff will give you access to the discussion and the session chair will lead the question period.


We ask that you submit your recorded video no later than September 10th, 2021.

When you are ready to upload your presentation, gather the following information before entering the uploading system:

  • Recorded video file (please remember to use the paper ID to rename your video).
    Accepted formats are: .wmv, .mp4 or .mov
  • If option is available, it is advisable to record the presentation slide by slide as you can conveniently re-record a particular slide if required (such as due to a mistake)
  • Make sure the presentation duration is not exceeding 15 minutes, including any video presentation within the PowerPoint.
  • After saving your work, save the presentation in a video format (only .wmv, .mp4 or .mov formats are accepted).
  • Save video file, Original presentation, Biography in one folder and compress using ZIP.
  • To upload the presentation visit, select the “Upload File” option from the upload type menu.
  • Upload the compressed file to File ID3 – “Presentation” using the OpenConf submission system
  • Keep the file size less than 25 MB
  • Make sure that your audio is clear and audible

4. Presenting Guidelines for Participants

How to join the conference? (See video below)

  • A link (Zoom) to register for the ICLP-SIPDA 2021 virtual conference will be sent to you by the organizing committee.
  • The link will direct you to a basic form which needs to be filled.
  • After successful completion and click register. You will be provided the required conference access Zoom link.
  • Please note that the link will be restricted to only one user and your link cannot be shared for concurrent login purposes.

How to select the Session?

  • After joining into the conference, you will be automatically directed to the main session room. The Inauguration and Closing Sessions, Keynote speeches and invited lectures are only available in this room.
  • Once the initial main session for the day is concluded, the host would allow you access to the three breakout room sessions (Session A, Session B, and Session C) . Depending on your interest and the paper that you are supposed to present, you can select and join the relevant breakout room session. i.e. If your paper is scheduled to be presented in the Session A, please select and enter the Session A breakout room.
  • The aforementioned sessions would be run parallel and you will be given unrestricted access to move in between them as you please, but always ensure to be in the correct session if you are scheduled to present your publication.
  • Also, you would notice that unlike in a physical event, your movements in between these sessions would be seamless and with zero disturbance to your fellow participants. Also please note that you can only access one session at a time.


  • You are muted by default. 
  • Please do not switch on your video or audio during presentations unless you are a presenter or in a Q&A session.
  • Please do not raise any questions live during the presentations. See Q & A Session section for details on how to raise queries on presentations.

Q&A Session

  • After each presentation, there is a mandatory Q&A session restricted to 5 minutes. Therefore author and/or co-author/s must be present during this session. 
  • We encourage all participants to raise their questions using the chat box which a moderator will pass to the session chair. 
  • If you want to raise the question online, please use the “raised-hand” option to alert the session chair to allow you to raise your question. Note: Unlike in physical events, session participants would not be aware on who is raising the question at a given time. As a result, there might be situations where few participants raising questions simultaneously. This may cause a problematic situation for the session chair and the presenter.
  • Once the question is raised and resolved, please mute yourself immediately in order to avoid any disturbances to the rest of the participants. 

Instruction for presenters

  • Please login to the correct Session in advance. If you prefer to do the presentation online, please make sure your presentation is ready in advance. 
  • Keep the relevant files on your desktop or a folder that is easily accessible. We have noticed a few situations where authors are struggling to find the correct file. This will create an unnecessary stressful situation for you and a waste of time for the other participants.
  • Make sure to complete your presentation within the allocated time. In a situation of poor network connection, you may request the Co-host to telecast the pre-recorded video or to run your PowerPoint presentation on your behalf. You can continue the presentation and request the Co-host to change the slides for you in such a situation.

Guideline for the session chair

  • Please register for the conference session through the registration link sent by the organizing committee. 
  • Please log in to the correct Session at least 5 minutes before the starting time. We have provided you with the list of papers to be presented, the mode of presentation (pre-recorded/online), and a short biography of the presenter.
  • The name of the technical supporting staff member is also provided. He or she will assign you as a Co-host for your session. 
  • At the beginning of the session, the Co-host will introduce you to the participants. 
  • You may read the title, names of author/s, the presenter's name and the biography of the presenter prior to the presentation.
  • Upon your instructions, the Co-host will run the pre-recorded presentation, or the author will present the presentation online.
  • The allocated time for the presentation is 15 minutes, followed by a 5 minute Q & A session.
  •  You may find the questions raised by the participants in your chatbox. 
  • During the Q & A session, you may raise these questions or allow the participants to raise questions online, if time permits.